Adding Accents with Betsy Wyatt

Bee Box started in November 2016 and since then I have gotten excited for mail in the middle of each month- incidentally my five year old has as well since she thinks it is all for her. If you haven't checked out the Bee Box, you must try it at least once!

The boxes are on automatic renewal which saves your subscription every month unless you choose to cancel or skip a month. For me this leaves me with even more time for sewing since I don't have to worry about my subscription lapsing or typing in my card every month.  The best things about Bee Boxes besides the cost are the amount of fabric, pattern ideas with a discount and the fact that Allison, Lauren and Nicole are amazing at choosing a variety of fabric. With that said every Bee Box might not be your cup of tea but I love getting to think outside of my style “box”.

Funny enough I started with January’s box because I love my fabric’s leave it at stash, and the cheetah with red accents which is not really my taste. I ended up sewing a Pemberly by Peek a Boo and love it! As in, I wash it two times a week to wear it as often as I can.

But I knew right away when December’s box arrived that it was my style. Heck it seemed like everyone's style! Pinterest was all about florals with stripes so therefore seamstresses everywhere were too, which is awesome in terms of supply and demand! I felt this box screamed to be made from the Women's Roller Coaster Tee  by Duck Butt Designs.

Just about the time I was going to start this shirt, Allison had asked if I was interested in doing a blog post. This is my first time ever, how am I doing? Haha. And I knew of a technique that was gaining popularity would make a great blog post. So this new trend is to add crazy stitching on squares near grommets or an artistic piece on the hip of a sweatshirt. Seamstresses have added some very fun accents to their pieces this way. For my piece it was a way to tie the stripes into the floral near the hood of my shirt.

For those of you that have not done a WRCT from DBD the pattern lends itself easily to creativity.  If you're not creative that's ok too!! This pattern has three pieces in the front and one for the back (plus the wrap around from the front). The color/design combos are endless, plus the pocket piece is perfect for small panels. The most important thing with this shirt when cutting is to lay your fabric right side up and pattern piece right side up! I was wrangling a small one while cutting and found that I had the wrong side of the fabric up for my first cut, so I had to be careful to cut it all like that or it would not work out.

 Let's jump right into the tutorial!!!!

I started by completing all the steps of the pattern up to the attachment of the hood. I wanted to add my accent pieces under my grommets (in the pattern the grommets with drawstrings are optional).

First I cut my accent squares 2 inches by 2 inches and then backed them with stabilizer. I had some Sf101 stabilizer on hand from purse making so I used that because I like the stability of it. My floral is double brushed poly which I do not iron since it can melt the fibers so using a fusible interfacing would be redundant for this one.. I made my stabilizer ¼ inch smaller (1.75 square) to prevent seeing the stabilizer when the edges curl.

I placed my squared 1 inch down (to account for a ½ inch seam allowance on the hood) and 1.5 inches in from the center of the hood.

Before sewing I placed a 2 inch square of fleece on the wrong side of my hood directly behind my accent square. I wanted my square to have extra support so that it doesn't slouch too much while being worn.

I did a very random design making sure to do a square about an ⅛ inch from the edges to keep it  from curling too much.

Then I attached the grommets and completed the steps for the hood.

This was very easy and I think it adds a great flare to this piece. I hope you have been inspired to make little creative accents on your outfits!

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