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Vinegar and Honey Co (VHCO) was founded in September 2016 by Lauren Joyce and Allison Jones. As online retailers of on-trend knit fabrics and useful notions VHCO has also gained a loyal following on Facebook (Vinegar and Honey Co - Fabric Group)


Lauren Gault Joyce is the mother of two beautiful children named Kendall (aka Miss K) and Luke (aka Yukey) and wife to Ken (aka Cutting Machine). She was born (not so long ago thankyouverymuch) in California and raised in Oregon where she would earn a BS in Business from Oregon State University.

Hobbies include: hunting for the perfect pink lip gloss, hoarding water bottles but never using them for water, saying "I can make that" when she actually has no idea how to make "that" and embroidering anything that isn't breathing.

Allison Faries Jones is the mother of the delightfully sassy Cecilia (aka Cece) and wife to Evan (aka Tech Support). She was born in Oregon (1980 something, ok?) and raised in California, later she’d move back to the Pacific Northwest where she would earn a BA in Journalism) from the University of Oregon.

Hobbies include: Finding places to hide store her fabric, taming her "spirited" spawn, finding arguments for why it's dangerous to work out and collecting PHDs*

*Project half done


In 2013 Allison attended the Martha Pullen School of Fashion in Alabama with her grandmother (aka Cha Cha) where she learned some basic techniques for French heirloom sewing. Upon her return to Oregon she dabbled here and there until she finally convinced Lauren to try sewing too…three years later. One introductory class at Modern Domestic in Oregon and Lauren was hooked (no seriously, she bought a Bernina and every known notion after making a freaking drawstring bag.) Thinking that sewing apparel for themselves, their families and friends would be fun new venture, they quickly found out that local fabric stores just didn’t have what they wanted. Within a few days Lauren used her stalking detective skills and had sourced several different wholesale suppliers. With $500.00 and 5 yard sample cuts they opened up shop and have been growing ever since.


Allison and Lauren are committed to providing stellar customer service and quick turnaround times. Competition is the mother of invention, and VHCO has recently rolled out a monthly subscription box, the BeeBox for Moms, and a WeeBee for kids that is gaining a great following.


Lauren lives in Meridian, Idaho and Allison lives in Silverton, Oregon. There’s a good chance you’ll pass one them on I-84 as they’re constantly making up excuses to visit one another. 


Currently VHCO offers a variety of fabrics: poly blends, rayon blends, cotton blends, organic cotton, 100% cotton. They also offer a variety of small notions that can be easily added to orders. Inventory is constantly evolving and suggestions are welcome on what should be added next.

Wholesale options are available. Please contact Allison and Lauren at

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Lauren and Ken with their beautiful babes, Kendall and Luke. 

Allison and Evan with their sweet n sassy Cecilia.