WeeBee Box - Monthly Fabric Subscription


This listing is set to auto renew on the 1st of each month

Welcome to WeeBee by Vinegar and Honey Co! Our BeeBox subscription has been such a hit that we decided we couldn't leave out the kiddos.  And remember, once you sign up you are welcome to skip a month or cancel at any time. 

Need one of each or double the fabric? Use the drop down to purchase a double WeeBee for $50!

So what exactly do you get for $25?

  • 1 yard of gorgeous organic* knit fabric 
  • Pattern inspiration for what to create
  • Coupon code for a discount on the pattern/pattern company we partnered with that month
  • Embellishment to accompany suggested pattern
  • Shipping! That's right, shipping is included!
  • Ages 0-10
  • Choice for girl or boy (we also have a double option for girl and boy).

*We will purchase organic fabric when possible but most brands print in small batches with limited prints. When an organic option is not available we will use a premium brand (i.e. Art Gallery). 

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